Will Tourism in 2021 ever rule the world?

Will Tourism in 2021 ever rule the world

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Impact on the Tourism industry

Coronavirus has almost impacted every single industry. But the Travel industry impacted much badly and instantly. In India over 5.5 Crore people have lost their jobs as per tourism secretary Yogendra Tripathi. Moreover, it has a loss of 2 lakh crores. Covid-19 was unwarned pandemic spread globally. No country was prepared for it as nobody knows what and how it will affect. But it 2020 turned out to be the worst year for every single industry and business. The aviation industry is not less affected then tourism. Both industries depend on each other.

How Travel industry will be in 2021?

Covid-19 impacted really hard on Tourism but gradually everything is starting. Countries have started to open its border for world tourism. But still,there are many countries who are not sure about opening borders. However, things will definitely be better then what is now. It is to be said that 2021 is a very important year for Travel industry to survive. In current situation, most Travel companies are permanently shut. Majorly some companies are still evaluating the situation and temporarily closed. People have lost their jobs and left with none.

In 2020 people have learned to live with covid-19. And ready to travel in 2021 as this is was really harsh, also people had plans in 2020 to travel which got cancelled and now they want to travel again. Aviation industry has also given the credit shell facilitates for cancelled trip with time capping. So people want to use that also before it’s expiring. Yes there few things which every Travel agent should keep in mind. As a Travel agent we have to fight with this.

  • People have made up mind that due to covid-19 the rates got decreased too much. However, This is not the case. We have to deal with this and make our customer understand the significance.
  • People might be concern about safety measure taken properly at the time of travel or not. We have maintained proper safety and should not give a single chance of conflict.
  • We have to be aware more then ever, we should be having clear cut information and groud level report of our respective destinations. At the time of travel, the customer should not face any legal issues regarding local government guidelines.
  • Irrespective of chaos we should be calm and giving our 100% to each query. Each and every query or lead is important.
  • Build great customer relationship and keep in touch from time to time with them. Post sale relationship is equally important.

Is it a new normal for Travel industry?

We all know how much things got impacted because of covid 19. Travelling will not be as easy as it was before covid19. Things have changed a lot. As per government guidelines, everyone should take proper precautions.

How we are taking care of ourselves? Now we become habitual to it and following safety measures.

  • We are maintaining social distancing at every place we go. Whether its Metro or bus we are not boarding by our own if it is full.
  • Wearing masks is now a normal part of our lives. we cannot forget to wear mask for sure.
  • We are avoiding big gathering or crowdy places now otherwise shopping at busiest market was our favourite thing.
  • We are now not even visiting our relative’s marriages, birthdays and other social events are happing online.
  • School, collages, institutions are yet to open and we are doing online studies.
  • We have downloaded arogyasetu app on our mobile phone even though we are not using it frequently.

Our and all our lives have changed and we have accepted it. We are now back to our works and normal routine. Yes, it will take lot more to become our surroundings like pre-covid. But we are doing our best to make our lives safe.

Covid-19 doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy our life. We can Travel again and snack on our favorite foods. It’s just we have to keep all the safety measures up.

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